Why Malzahar Support?

  1. The nerfs to Rylais, which was a huge nerf to all if not most Mages, is actually a buff to support mages like Zyra, Brand and Malzahar.Due to it being a much cheaper item, compared to the old Rylais and is core after Haunting Guise.
  2. Malzahar is currently a sub-optimal pick in the mid lane, due to his voidlings often getting killed much too easily, However in the bottom lane his voidlings are used as a zoning tool and are often not seen as a threat(they will usually multiply and deal quite a bit of dmg to melee supports and adc in a dual.Then comes the stronger part of his kit the Q silence and R suppress and being a high base DPS support.
  3. Malzahar’s passive  is great against many supports abilities (example the  CC ability the support has) example: standing in front of your adc to prevent blitz from grabbing them.
  4. Malzahar is a very easy to learn high impact lane bully and good pick potential/all in support due to the combination o the suppress and silence(easier to execute than a Zyra E or a Brand stun) also his voidlings which are not very visible in 2 on 2 fights. Together with his high base damage, this makes him a deadly Mage support.


  • Red. 9 flat magic Pen.
  • Yellow: 9 Flat HP
  • Blue: 9 FLAT AP
  • Quints: 2 Armour, 1 FLAT AP or 1 Move Speed



Pick between intelligence and precision


 You have 2 options in terms of abilities per level max (R>W>Q>E) or R>E>W>Q

Purple max vs melee supports where ur voidlings can take over the lane and not be killed too easily.

Green Max vs long range mages or lanes where ur w would die much too easily.

Start w to give the jungler the best leash ever. Spawn the voidling at least half a second before the jungle camp spawns.


  • Start: Spellthief’s Edge and 3 potions.
  • Core: Eye of Watcher(Red trinket after sight stone upgrade at lvl 9), Haunting guise(Liandry’s Torment after you complete Rylai’s) and Rylai’s Crystal Scepter .
  • Late: Pick 2 out of the following – Void staff, Death cap, Morellonomicon and Redemption.
  • Boots: Mobility(for early game roaming and picks also very useful to get and clear vision), Ionian(Lower cd spells for high skirmish games) and Sorcerer’s(all in comps)


  • Try to control your voidlings aggro with your E.
  • Make use of your E to stack the cash with your Spellthief’s.
  • Use your spell shield by standing in front of your adc to block dangerous cc from enemy supports example: blitz grab
  • Once level 6, try to find openings with your jungler bot/while roaming to catch someone

Mid Game

  • Improve vision around Map
  • Reduce enemies vision
  • Look for picks
  • Set up around objectives like Dragon, Herald and Baron
  • Abuse w and e to take enemy camps, Dragon, Herald and Baron

Late Game/Team Fights

  • Decide between peel and engaging
  • If peel using Rylai’s and your spells would make it near impossible for tanks to be able to reach your adc without losing most of their health bar to you and your adc, Your suppress is the single biggest issue for assassin’s so make sure to break edge of night, banshee etc before they can reach your adc, Even with QSS its near impossible to OS your ADC without a chance for your ADC to react.
  • If engaging you must try to create pick or a choke point in which you and your team obliterate the person you engage onto if its a tank your damageg alone is usually enough to chunk or kill the tank, which gives your team a chance to DPS the rest of their team.
  • Chokepoint: is a pretty huge issue for the enemy team forcing enemies to walk on top of your ult pond, it would slow and deal a good amount of damage.
  • Remember Malzahar is the single highest dps support late game.

Best Paired With

  1. Ashe/Varus
  2. Jhin
  3. Miss Fortune
  4. Sivir/Caitlyn
  5. Corki/Graves/Draven
  6. Kalista/Urgot
  7. Rest are sub-optimal(they can work well as Malzahar can solo carry the lane)

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